MAMS Gaming started as an independent gaming group at Gen Con. When we started planning our events, there were a few guiding principles we established that, as we grow, have become our Charter:

Be Organized, Be Prepared

Before stepping foot at the table, all GMs must be prepared. This means having the scenario written out (enough to run it without having constant referencing of other notes) and all materials a player is not expected to have on them (character sheets, special dice, etc.) with you. The scenario should be play tested to make sure it fills the allotted time (preferably an average run time should be 3.5 hours to allow for players to be a little late due to a prior slot and leave a little early to catch their next one) and flows smoothly from scene to scene.

Be Professional

We are there to have fun too, so treat your players with respect and patience and they will return the favor. If players express discomfort or need help, we take the time to teach them the system and invite our players to participate in all aspects of the event. Do not exclude players and try to seat every player at a table if they show up.

Do Not Screw With Your Players

A scenario is run in 4 hours, so it has to be simple enough to play in that time. Throwing in random effects or improbably plot twists makes such a game unpleasant for everyone. Keep the game easy to follow and play so you do not lose your players’ interest or enthusiasm.

And the Players Will Reciprocate

If our GMs do everything they can to make the experience great for our players, the players will make it fun for the GM as well. Even players who try to break the scenario are testing the GMs’ flexibility and we should try and rise to the challenge.

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