Although Gen Con is the convention we run events at every year, we like to GM at others. These are the conventions we have or plan to run our events at. To see Conventions we have been at in the past, go here.

Valor Con

Chicago, IL
September 30 – October 2, 2016

We were very excited to support the first Valor Con, and Matt, Mike, Chris, Anthony, and Christian all came out to help!

RPGs: Pathfinder, FATE, MouseGuard, Star Wars, Numenera


Dayton, OH
November 11 – 13, 2016

A convention put together by the RPG Academy. We are exploring what MAMS can do there right now. If nothing else, it’s great to see another convention in the Midwest!

RPGs: We won’t be able to attend, but let us know if you spot our sponsored table!


Everett, WA
January 13 – 15, 2017

OrcaCon is a tabletop games and geek convention in Everett, WA. OrcaCon features board and card games, role-playing games, and miniature games. OrcaCon is focused on creating a safe and welcoming space for promoting the tabletop games hobby, supporting diversity in tabletop games, and building a community of both novice and experienced game players.


Con of the North

Minneapolis, MN
February 17 – 19, 2017

Con of the North is a volunteer run non-profit organization designed solely for the purpose of fostering a sense of community among gamers, promoting the hobby of gaming, and providing the gaming community with the best possible environment to present their games.


Who’s Yer Con

Indianapolis, IN
March 31 – April 2, 2017

Our Guild Master Tino has been attending WYC for a while. This year, Matt and Mike will be supporting him with more events.


Gen Con

Indianapolis, IN
August 17 – 20, 2017

THE Convention. This is where MAMS all started, and we are entering our 5th year with old and new friends!


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