It’s that time of year again, where we at MAMS are getting into the home stretch submitting our events! Check out our tentative event grid (as submitted, not approved yet!) here. To give you some statistics:

Total Events: 51

Total Tables: 56

Unique Events: 31

Total Player Hours: 1,364

Gamemasters: 19

RPG Systems: 22

This doesn’t mean we are done submitting. We still have a couple of spaces left for tables, so we might try and fill in a bit more. But for now, we’re excited to see everyone this year and, as always, if an event sells out, don’t hesitate to ask if we can accommodate a few extra players (or host an overflow table)!

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About Mike G

Mike co-founded MAMS Gaming in 2012 to provide a great gaming experience for players and GMs at Gen Con. This has led to organizing GMs and networking to provide a great play experience.

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