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Gen Con 2016 Comments

MAMS gaming ran an event for the Strange called “Strange Bedfellows.” Hands-down the best game I played at the con.  They ran multiple tables and provided a great intro to the key recursions that make up the Strange. The game was well written and well coordinated. Four GMs, around 24 players- with players moving between tables– the execution of the game was no small feat! I will look for events put on by this gaming group in the future!

Posted by rringenbach Aug. 24, 2016 on the Gen Con forums

Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for a very entertaining game and for making room for my daughter to play.  We’ll be on the lookout for another game run by you next year at GenCon.

Mark T. to Tino via email

I played in the Strange Bedfellows game and had an absolute blast. Your GMs were outstanding! Where did you get those awesome divided sheet protectors? That and your character sheets were top notch. Thanks for a great game!

Oscar G. via Facebook


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