Dungeon Crawl

Pathfinder RPG

Dungeon Sketch

You need supplies, and there is only one place left: a crypt guarded by the undead and filled with creatures straight out of nightmares. Your death is guaranteed, but there is nowhere else you can go. This is a dungeon crawl, utilizing 3D terrain and a simplified Pathfinder system, with each adventuring party battling their way through a subterranean maze beneath the ruins of civilization.

We will be taking teams of 4 Adventurers into the dungeon each hour on Saturday of Valor Con 2016. The goal: to stay alive as long as you can and, if you’re lucky, defeat the monster at the heart of the dungeon!

Player characters are pregenerated, using simplified Pathfinder RPG rules to allow for faster play and more deadly combat.

Play smart. Stay alive.

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