Here is what we have in mind for Gen Con 2017:

System: FATE by Evil Hat Productions

Dinner with a Side of MURDER! (System: FATE Core)

Invited to dinner by an eccentric millionaire, you had no idea it was to solve the mystery of his murder. The restless ghost will let you live only if you bring the killer to justice before dawn.

Faever Dream (System: Dresden Files)

Legend says eating food offered by the fey is dangerous, but not until you find yourself in the dreams of one do you realize how dangerous it can be.

Rockalypse! (System: FATE Core)

It’s too late to save the world, but rock will save what’s left. Grab your instruments & head out into the wasteland in this post-apocalyptic game of musical conflict.

System: Cypher System by Monte Cook Games

Library of Stone (System: Cypher)

A library hidden in the mountains, filled with books made of stone, with a vault set to open with the next new moon. Is what lies hidden in the vault the world’s salvation or its doom?

Tower of Lines (System: Numenera)

A transphasic tower appears every decade. Surrounded by mysteries. Filled with numenera. Who can resist entering?

System: Savage Worlds Deluxe by Pinnacle Entertainment

Singapore Shuffle (System: Steamscapes)

Bruneian air pirates, exiled samurai, and a Russian automaton heist – Singapore really does everything! Can our heroes stop this Pacific crime ring? Do they even want to?


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