Gen Con 2016

Delta Green

Shimmer Light by Aser Tolentino

M-cell is sent to reclaim the contents of a Green Box belonging to a missing 1960’s cell. Others have been waiting for this box to resurface and are willing to do whatever it takes to get it back.

Dresden Files

All is not Quiet at Tranquil Gardens by Matthew Goldrich

Looking to live the rest of their lives in peace, four heroes must return to save their community from the threat of a bunch of punk wannabe villains. Get off my lawn!

Dungeon World

The Lost Prince by Rico Collins

A convoy has been attacked, leaving only one survivor to give a message: the Prince has been taken and being held for ransom.



ROCKALYPSE by Eric Simon

It’s too late to save the world, but rock will save what’s left. Grab your instruments and head out into the wasteland in this post-apocalyptic game of musical conflict.


Iron Kingdoms RPG

A Covenant of Gold and Blood by Matthew Goldrich

Choose your employer, sign a contract, do the job, and get paid. Your merc company is suddenly in high demand as three armies are in a stand-off, looking for an edge.


Mouse Guard RPG

Birds of a Feather by Christian Feltman

After a long and bitter cold winter, the first days of spring are a welcome sight; and the mice of the Guard are preparing themselves for the upcoming new season. While waiting for the weather to break, Patrol Leader Cherry is summoned into the Matriarch’s map room to receive an urgent mission.

Mutant Chronicles

Venus Colongy: Offline by Michael Goldrich

When the Dark Symmetry infiltrates the AI of the Venus Colony, the colonists must save themselves from a world turned totally against them.



Coruscating Cacophony by Michael Goldrich

Stories of a fortress in the Beyond tell bright lights that flash through its halls and windows like the screams of a dying star. Will you brave those haunted halls and return with the truth?

The Water of Deleon by Megan Peterson

A town renowned for its healing water suddenly falls silent. Wealthy nobles and merchants alike hire you to start the flow of medicines again.

Other Worlds

The Oasai Ruins by Vincent Baker

Ryze Industries, a leading corporation in advanced energy technology, has contracted you to retrieve an artifact for them discovered irradiating the Oasai Ruins on the wildlife planet of Foragna.


Outbreak: Undead..

All is Hushed in Shilo by Brett Lyman

April 8th, 1862: After two days of bloody conflict, the Union is victorious. But Gen. Johnson has another card to play… A Union graves registration unit must save the Union from the undead!

The Longest Night by Tino Marquez

Strangers find themselves trapped in an upscale restaurant and must work together to survive the start of the zombie apocalypse. As fear sets in, they must survive the night or escape to safety.

Undead Wonderland by Vincent Baker

Decades have passed and society has begun to piece itself back together. However, life is far from what it was. You are a prisoner of a faction whose games are nightmarish fights to screaming crowds.

Where the Wild Things Are by Brett Lyman

As your city falls into chaos, and the dead roam the streets, you find shelter behind the thick walls of the Indy Zoo. But your troubles have just begun.


Outbreak: Deep Space

The Eye of Horus by Tino Marquez

Your team has been sent to a distant space station to investigate a mysterious transmission sent from a crewman. You learn the station is involved in a secret project and some crewmen are missing.

The Thing in the Ice by Tino Marquez

8 months ago, a science team found a mysterious object near a mining colony on Kepler3 M-234. Then colony went silent. Your crew is sent to investigate what has happened to the colonists.

Savage Worlds

Steamscapes: Across the Deccan by Eric Simon

The Great Peninsula Railway is under attack, putting the entire Indian Alliance at risk! Can you stop the sabotage in this Asian steampunk adventure?


Star Wars: Fantasy Flight Games

Age of Rebellion Agents of the Empire by Christian Feltman
Edge of the Empire The Milk Run by Christopher Thomann
Force and Destiny Light in the Darkness by Anthony Rose


The Strange RPG

[Not So] Strange Bedfellows by The Redacted Files Podcast

Quickened humans are vanishing across multiple recursions. The Estate and OSR send agents to investigate, only to get caught up in a much more insidious plot.


Vampire: the Requiem

A Night to Remember by Anthony Rose

It was a night like any other, except you wake up in a dark dank room full of strangers feeling an insatiable thirst.

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