War Council


Vampire: the Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition
Duration: 6 hours
Chicago faces its greatest threat, as the Sabbat begins its siege by wiping out the Primogen, leaving the ancillae in council to plan the defense of the city.

The players in this game will take on the roles of the influential Kindred throughout the city of Chicago. This includes not only the Camarilla Officers and Primogen Council, but independent Kindred representatives, such as the Giovanni, Followers of Set, and Anarchs. Their role during the evening is to defend the city against a Sabbat attack that has already cost the lives of nearly a dozen Elders and isolated the city when both airports and major landmarks are attacked, grinding travel and communications to a halt.

Through the evening, the players will be responsible for not only the defense, but bettering the positions of their Clans. They will have influence they can wield and Territories they control, but of course they will want more. By the end of the night, some will prosper while others will be driven from the halls of power, if not forced to face Final Death.

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